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   ------- Sun AnXin (General manager)
  Thank you for your care and support to the website of Changzhou DingXin Quanyi Machinery Co.,Ltd!
  Since the establishment of our company, we have been insisting that basing on quality, seeking development with science and technology, relying on our own rich technical force, quality level and good enterprise prestige, and have gained the masses of users' trust and great kindness. So, please let me express my gratitude, "thanks!" Thank you for your trust heartily yesterday; we are looking forward your care and support even more today; we will create brilliant future with you tomorrow.
  We mainly produce various kinds of motorcycle and automobile fittings,The company has lots of advanced equipments introduced from Taiwan such as full automatic bulb cutting machine, double head chamfering machine, automatic lathe, double end face grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, oil hydraulic machine, large and small punch etc. Furthermore, the company manufactures kinds of piston rod (whole and fission type) for front shock absorber for autobike and motor car, the matchable fittings for shock absorber (oil storage cylinder, working cylinder, protective cover, flying rings, steel bowl and line core), inside and outside shell of rubber bush for vehicle, autobike and motor care, non-standard component and kinds of pressing fittings. and devote to developing new-type durable energy-conservation low-cost low products. We hope to exchange with you through Internet, develop together, and make a contribution to promoting the products quality of this trade.
  We believe that in the face of future, chance and challenge exist together. Changzhou DingXin Quanyi Machinery Co.,Ltd will abide by the enterprising spirit of "realistic and innovate", basing on Changzhou, going to the world.